Production / Songwriting

MO MUSIC is a grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling, creative songwriting and production company focused on harnessing talent, creating content, producing/writing new songs and curating the career's of talent both old and new alike.  Working to create hits and build unique brands in this ever evolving music industry,  delivering world class production with the top artist's of today along with discovering and nurturing new emerging talent to create homes for projects that we believe in and songs that we love.

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MOPS Tour Support & A/V Company

From minimal event needs to full scale event or tour productions. MOPS A/V has you covered no matter the ask.  We have spent many years working with clients ranging from multi-national corporations to mom and pop organizations, putting on events and meeting the needs of our clients with utmost precision and professionalism. Paying attention to detail and staffing appropriately to meet every need imaginable. With warehouse locations in both the greater Los Angeles, CA area and Nashville, TN.  MOPS A/V has the equipment and staff to meet your every need no matter how great or small.

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